What are 'Kolhapuri Chappals'?

These are classic Indian Chappals originating from the Kolhapur region in Maharashtra, India. These are handcrafted and braided and historically hold a lot of significance in the Indian craft heritage.

Where is KOSH-A footwear manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in India, using non-leather material. They are 100% handmade and no 2 products will ever look the same.

How do I style KOSH-A footwear?

A pair of KOSH-A footwear is versatile for the modern woman. You can see our stylists pulling KOSH-A off with a formal ensemble. Contradictory to this, we can assure you that you can pair it with your everyday jeans and top and it will look just as good. For styling options, keep an eye out on our Instagram.

Product care

How to keep your KOSH-A footwear clean and fresh?

  • To avoid mold, odor, and bleaching through humidity and hot temperature, we suggest storing our footwear in a cool and dry place.

  • Do not wear them when your feet are wet or around water.

  • Stuff your footwear with acid-free tissue paper, packing paper, or newspaper to help maintain the shape.

  • Use the silica pouches (placed in a cloth bag with your footwear) to keep them moisture and bacteria-free.

  • Use a damp cloth (preferably white) to clean the product and do not use petrol or any harsh detergent/solution.