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Cream Wedge Sandals For Women Cream Wedge Sandals For Women
Mitti Luxe Wedges
Sale price$99.00
peach wedge sandals for women peach wedge sandals for women
Padma Luxe Wedges
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Light Pink Flat Sandals For Women Light Pink Flat Sandals For Women
Gulabi Flats
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mint green flat sandals for women by kosh-a mint green flat sandals for women by kosh-a
Neem Flats
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blue flat sandals for women blue flat sandals for women
Aasma Flats
Sale price$79.00

Summer Sandals by Kosh-a for Ladies

When it comes to sandals for the summer season, Kosh-a’s got your back…or should we say feet! Our handmade collection of summer sandals for ladies is incredibly chic but also comfy. With pretty pastel shades that go perfectly with dresses, skirts and trousers—Kosh-a sandals are a must-have for the summer season!

Dressy Summer Sandals In Pastel Shades

You’ll adore Kosh-a’s summer sandal collection’s soothing palette of pastel shades. Whether you’re all about a soft sage green, a warm beige, or a peachy pink—Kosh-a has a sandal that suits your vibe. These understated hues are perfect for dresses, giving you that perfectly feminine look.

Everyday Sandals for Women by Kosh-a

At Kosh-a, we get that women need sandals that can take them from day to night. You need sandals that double up. They should work for casual outings and formal events. That's why, we’ve designed a summer sandal collection that has everything from summer flats to summer wedges and heels. We also have low, rounded sandal heels that look pretty and feel comfy for all-day wear. Effortlessly switch from a day at the beach to a romantic dinner. Our timeless sandal styles ensure that no matter the occasion—you'll have the perfect pair to complete your look. Happy feet always!

Summer Specials, Designed for Year-Round Wear

While Kosh-a's summer sandals are designed for summer, they can be worn all year round. The timelessness of our designs ensures that you'll never go out of style. Whether it's a summer wedding, an autumn picnic, or a springtime garden party, our summer sandals will always be your favorite pick. You’ll always want to style your outfits around your Kosh-a summer sandals.

Handmade Summer Sandals for Women

What makes Kosh-a's summer sandals truly special is the craft they’re made with. Each pair is meticulously handmade with attention to detail and impeccable quality. Our team pours their passion and skill into every piece they handcraft. The result is a sandal that is not only beautiful but also sturdy and durable. Did you know that no two Kosh-a summer sandals ever look the same?

Kind to the Planet

In addition to our stylish designs and great craftsmanship, there’s more that makes us special: our summer sandals are made with vegan leather. By choosing Kosh-a, you’ll feel great about your purchase. You'll support a brand that values sustainability and ethical practices. It's a small step towards a better future for our planet.

Shop Kosh-a’s Swoon-worthy Summer Sandals Now

As the summer season comes along, step into style with Kosh-a's collection of summer sandals for ladies. With our sunny pastel shades, versatile designs and timeless appeal, we offer an array of sandals that will elevate your summer wardrobe. Shop a lovely pair of Kosh-a sandals and experience comfort, style, and craftsmanship. We provide hassle-free shipping across the US. Visit our collection page for more information.