The Most Comfortable Sandals for Women: Style, Fit, and Functionality

The Most Comfortable Sandals for Women: Style, Fit, and Functionality

most comfortable sandals for women

Are you looking for most comfortable sandals ? With summer just around the corner, stylish sandals are non-negotiable. Do you have any big beach trips coming up this season? Then sandal shopping is a must! A good pair of  comfortable sandals like flats and wedge sandals can make a difference during a trip to the beach.

While flip-flops are cute and may seem practical at the beach, they may not be your best friend for the entire summer season. Flip flops lack arch support for your heels and are notoriously famous for breaking off sooner than we expect.

Apart from being stylish and trendy, sneakers also protect the feet from pain. However, buying a new pair of perfect sandals can be daunting and strenuous. For one, we will start to miss the comfort and warmth of sneakers if the pair we buy starts to hurt from Day 2 of wearing them. But if you follow some simple tips, you can also break in new shoes without pain. Just follow a few simple steps, and you can make wearing new shoes comfortable instead of painful.

As much as we love sneakers, the humidity makes them an impossible wear.  Another reason sandal shopping is tough is that finding a comfortable pair to last the entire season and more is next to impossible. 

Although comfort continues to dominate footwear, there is no need to compromise on fashion. The perfect pair of sandals should have style, fit, and functionality, while maintaining comfort. It is about choosing a sandal that meets your day-to-day needs while being just as comfortable as sneakers. 

Let’s break down the three things you must consider before purchasing the perfect sandal this season. 


Spring/Summer is the perfect time to rock those manicured nails. There are sandals are the classics that offer great support but look bulky, and then are slipper that look great but do not offer all-day comfort. Although summer sandals come in various designs, we emphasize finding a pair where style and comfort co-exist, and remain in fashion for a long time. Choosing flat sandals for styling your summer look can be a great option without sacrificing comfort. Even as summer sandal designs vary, this choice offers a smart way to rock your look.


Sandals have one function and purpose alone - to fit your feet and make you feel comfortable wearing them. Several classic sandals promise to be functional but can slip out of your feet when you walk fast. Pick a pair of sandals that will not fall off while running to catch a bus or taking a flight of stairs. To ensure the perfect fit, it's important to know how to measure the shoe size accurately.


Flip-flops are great. However, daily wear can cause skin irritation, especially between the toes, along with many other common foot problems. They also lack durability, sometimes breaking, creating inconvenience. The function of a spring/summer sandal is to offer comfort despite wearing them all day long. The feet should stay fatigue-free even with a long time spent on your feet. Find a pair that offers maximum arch support and amazing durability, perfect for walking miles and miles.

Top picks from Kosh-a’s range of flats and wedges 

Kosh-a offers a range of vegan leather sandals for women that takes inspiration from the traditional, time-tested Kolhapuri design that is stylish, fashionable, and crafted to fit perfectly. Each Kosh-a sandal is crafted to ensure comfort and help you maintain the high level of durability for long walks.

These trendy and comfortable flat sandals for women are great for everyday wear and special occasions. Wondering which ones to choose? Let us help you out! Our stylists have selected four different occasions where you can pair your trusted Kosh-a sandal with different outfits and occasions seamlessly. 

  • Travel with Kalay Flats 

comfortable black flat sandals for women

When going on a holiday, it is important to carry the right footwear to avoid unnecessary pain and cramps. Running to catch a bus or walking endlessly to reach your gate at the airport demand sandals that offer comfort and support. Our Kalay flats are faux leather sandals that offer ideal, everyday comfort.

  • Brunch with Rosa Luxe Wedges 

comfortable marron wedge sandal for women

These maroon wedge sandals are perfect for a brunch date with friends. The rubber soles make them comfortable for the fall season, and the oh-so-rich maroon color works across any brunch outfit you choose. 


  • Holiday with Shanti Flats 

comfortable white wedge sandals for women

Vacation calls for breezy sun dresses in all shades of pink, blue, and yellow. If you are tight on luggage space, pack our Shanti flats that work with every color and every type of vacation outfit you have. 


  • Shopping with Neel Luxe Wedges

comfortable navy blue wedge sandals for women

Now you can flaunt your style even when you are out shopping with friends. No need to compromise on comfort even while shopping with our Neel Luxe Wedges. The 3 inches high heels wedges reduce strain on your feet and make it perfect for a shopping trip with friends.


How to make your sandals last all summer

comfortable sandals for women

Here are a few tips to ensure your sandals last very long. 

  • Once you are done using them, store them in a cool, dry place. Each Kosh-a sandal comes with a durable cotton bag for ease of storage. 

  • Faux leather are durable with proper care. Wipe off the dust and water to maintain the integrity. 

  • While wearing faux leather sandals to the beach, keep them away from direct water contact as they are not waterproof. Long exposure to water can reduce the integrity of the footwear.

  • For cleaning dirtied sandals, utilize a gentle cloth for wiping. Remember, there are various ways to effectively clean your sandals. After cleaning, store them in the provided cotton bag for safekeeping.

Finding the most comfortable sandals for women can be challenging, however it is worth the effort. With the right pair of sandals, you can stay stylish and comfortable throughout the summer season and beyond.


Are wedge sandals comfortable?

The comfort level of wedge sandals depends on various factors such as materials, design, fit, and heel height.

Are wedges business casual?

Wedges can be appropriate for a business casual dress code depending on the style and materials.

How to clean the inside of flats?

Wipe flats with a soft cloth or sponge dampened in a solution of water and let them air dry.

Are flat sandals bad for your feet?

Flat sandals can be bad for your feet if they don't provide enough support, cushioning, or stability.