How To Pack Shoes When Moving: 12 Easy Tips That Works For Every Pair

How To Pack Shoes When Moving: 12 Easy Tips That Works For Every Pair

how to pack shoes when moving

When packing shoes, just like any other item, it is important to follow a set of steps to ensure they remain undamaged. However, they are one of the last things we consider when moving houses or packing for a vacation, as there other items that need more attention.

But it's still important to be careful when packing your favorite shoes and sandals that you've collected over the years. In this guide, we will provide you with 12 easy tips that will answer your lingering question on how to pack shoes when moving. So without wasting any of your time for the main packing, let's dive right into it.

How To Pack Shoes For Moving

1.Sort your footwear by style & season

By doing this, it will be easier for you to determine which pairs to pack together for easy accessibility upon unpacking. Categorise your footwear based on style, such as casual shoes, sports shoes, regular sandals, occasional sandals, etc. You can also sort them based on seasons such as winter boots and summer sandals. If moving in summers, prioritize summer shoes more than winter shoes as the latter will be at the end of the unpacking schedule.


2. Eliminate the ones you don't wear

By eliminating the shoes you haven't worn in years, you can save time and space while moving. Moreover, you surely wouldn't want to clutter your new home with unnecessary items. Some shoes you can consider removing are,

  • Ones that don't fit you

  • Shoes or sandals you don't like to wear

  • Old broken shoes that aren't worth repairing

  • Any other shoes for which you don't have space in your new home

If some of these are still in good shape, you can consider reselling or donating. That way, someone else in need will be able to use them without causing any wastage.

3. Decide which ones you need to wear

You definitely aren't contemplating packing ALL your shoes at once. You will still need to keep a pair to travel and use until all your shoes are safely moved to your new home. Moreover, you will require a pair for work and other important purposes. Separate these shoes to ensure easy access upon unpacking.

To avoid added stress, choose the comfiest pair of shoes for daily wear before packing your things. Our Kolhapuri sandals are not only comfortable but stylish as well. This makes them ideal for wearing even while performing stressful activities like moving houses or travelling.

4. Repair & clean your shoes

If any of your shoes require minor repairing, drop them off at a cobbler’s and pick them up before moving. In case any of them are dirty, clean and dry them thoroughly especially if they won't be unpacked in a while.

Use a duster or a wet cloth to remove stains and dry them before packing to prevent them from getting mould. These minor steps will help reduce some extra workload after moving to your new house or upon reaching your vacation spot. 

5. Stuff the shoes with paper

Stuffing your shoes with crumpled paper can prevent them from crushing or deforming while in transit. Push the paper all the way up to the toe area to entirely fill out the empty space. You can also insert socks for packing hardy ankle length sneakers or a sturdy bottle for longer boots.

Certain sandals require much intense care while packing due to the delicate work and intricate style. However, the stylish Kolhapuri Kosh-a sandals, crafted from faux leather, can be easily packed without much hassle.

6. Use tea bags to remove odour from your footwear

Leave your shoes out overnight to get rid of any lingering odor. To keep your shoes fresh during transit, keep some unused tea bags in them. It can be put together along with crumpled paper or socks.

You can skip this step with Kosh-a sandals as they are open and breathable which doest let them capture moisture & odour. But make sure they are completely dry before packing to prevent mould.

7. Make sure the pairs stay together during transit

Nothing is more frustrating than finding one pair of shoes and not the other after you unpack. Ensuring both the pairs are secured together can save a lot of time while unpacking. To do this you can consider tying the shoelaces together, using rubber bands to bind two sandals or interlocking the straps of your sandals. Another way is to pack the pairs together with a wrapping paper or plastic wrap, which brings us to our next point.

8. Use clean papers and bubble wraps for wrapping the shoes

In order to ensure the shoes don't snap after packing, wrap them with clean packing papers and bubble wraps. Don't forget to put some crumpled paper in the empty space around sharp heels to avoid snapping or breakage. Bubble wraps are more sturdy and cushiony which provides extra protection to your shoes. You just need to be sure to not pack them damp as plastic traps moisture which can make them prone to mould. 


9. Store the important pairs individually in their original box

Storing your shoes in their original box is one of the best ways to pack them and prevent any sort of damage while moving. Moreover, these boxes are made for this very purpose as they are often moved from factories, to warehouses or stores, and ultimately to the customer without any signs of damage.

In most cases people store the hardy boxes to keep their shoes in best condition. Use these boxes to preserve your sensitive and important pairs while moving. You should fill out the empty spaces in the box with extra paper or bubble wraps which will prevent displacement of the pairs, leading them to rub off on each other.


10. Dedicate a separate box for your shoes

It is a good idea to keep your shoes separated from the other items as shoes are comparatively dirtier and require a separate way of packing. It will also help you categorize your boxes better when you finally unpack. You can separate your shoes by dedicating a sturdy carton, plastic box, small travel bag or a suitcase to them based on the space they require. 


11. Pack by keeping the weight of the shoe in mind

Start by packing heavy shoes, bulky boots at the bottom and lighter sandals or wedges on the top. This balances out the weight, making it much easier to carry. It will also prevent your delicate shoes from getting squashed or disfigured while in transit. 


12. Label your boxes 

Last but not the least, be sure to label your boxes at the end. You will be dealing with countless boxes and suitcases when you finally unpack. Therefore you surely wouldn't want to open every single box to find your favorite sandal. Label your boxes based on the categories you separated your shoes and sandals into such as, casual wear shoes, sportswear shoes, delicate shoes, etc.


Packing your shoes properly when moving or traveling is crucial in order to keep them in excellent condition. With these tips you will be able to pack all your different types of shoes efficiently, and be sure to find them in the best condition even through a rough transit. Now that you know how to pack your shoes for moving, we extend our wishes for a seamless transition to your new home or a delightful journey to a rejuvenating vacation.



What is the most efficient way to pack shoes in a suitcase?

The most efficient way to pack shoes in a suitcase is by placing them in shoe bags and arranging them along the edges or at the bottom of the suitcase.

How do you wrap shoes in a suitcase?

To wrap shoes in a suitcase, use individual shoe bags or wrap them in tissue paper to protect them from getting scuffed or dirty.

How do you pack shoes without crushing them?

To pack shoes without crushing them, fill the shoe cavities with socks or small clothing items, and place them in the suitcase with care, avoiding any heavy items on top.

Can I carry shoes in check in baggage?

Yes, you can carry shoes in check-in baggage, but it's recommended to pack them properly to prevent damage and consider using shoe bags for organisation.