5 Hacks For Your Footwear Closet

5 Hacks For Your Footwear Closet

hacks for footwear closet

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A woman can never have enough shoes. If you swear by this, then we are on the same page. Shoes could be of so many different styles, each unique to its own design. But we cannot continue to collect them only to pile them up in a mess. How to keep them organized and well-maintained?

This often happens. Sometimes you stumble upon an eye-catchy pair of footwear but then think to yourself that you have no extra space left to store them. Your closet is a mess. Cluttered with so many different options of footwear, making it difficult for you to choose your ideal pair.

Decoding that perfect duo of footwear to complement your #ootd from a stack of options could be so tiresome. Your shoe storage rack needs to be well optimized. In order to make room for convenience, it is essential to streamline your shoe collection.

Let us help you find a way through with some useful shoe storage hacks. These are bound to help you sort your footwear closet in simple steps.

1. Declutter your closet:

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Got an extra pair of nude pumps? Or a similar looking set of white shoes? There is no point in keeping them. It is time for you to let go of footwear options that are taking up unnecessary space in your wardrobe. Downsize your closet to keep it relevant and up-to-the-minute. Invest in styles that are new and fresh, something different from the rest. 

Consider a pair of Kolhapuris from Kosh-a. That would be perfect! They are soft, supple and super comfortable. Latest in design, they could be your go-to pair to carry from a conference meeting to a laid-back evening.


2. Rotate seasonal shoes:

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This could be a pro tip to keep your shoe closet organized all year-round. Maximize space by rotating pairs, season by season. As and when the timeline changes, pack the ones that are not relevant and store them in another box. Keep the ones that are perfect to cling onto the weather. They will get you through anywhere in a breeze. 

Comfort should be your predominant factor. Pick out styles that look stylish without compromising on your level of comfort. Kolhapuri chappals from Kosh-a accelerate ease and look classy, both at the same time. 

3. Arrange shoes strategically:

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Consider putting together your selection of footwear in likewise categories that would make it easier for you to pick-out your ideal pair. Segment them based on their style, color, frequency of use and you are good to go. Store all your boots together in one place. Stack your high heels and categorize your flats. This would make it easier for you to settle on a pair apt to complement your outfit as per occasion and season too.

Don’t forget to save some space for Kolhapuri chappals to squeeze in. Available in soft pastel shades, these braided t-strap sandals are too good to miss out on! Accommodate them as per your convenience, one for each occasion.

4. Utilize vertical space:

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Use this functional shoe rack hack for better convenience. Employ over-the-door shoe organizers, pocket organizers or even hanging shoe shelves that could be attached to the backside of the closet door. This would help you to utilize your available space in the best possible manner. You could also consider opting for adjustable shoe shelves that would make it easier for you to store your shoes of different styles and colors.

Optimize space to store something unique, that is versatile in nature and even lasts a lifetime. Kolhapuri chappals are stacked with lots of benefits. They are a must-have for all the obvious reasons. 

5. Label your shoe divisions:

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It is essential to ensure proper labeling or classification for your shoes to keep them organized. You can opt for labels or even color-coded stickers to group your footwear selections. Tagging them would help in easy identification. Use these labeling ideas to segment different styles based on different factors and put together your footwear collection in a systematic pattern.

These shoe storage hacks could come handy to make the best use of the available space. Implementing them would help you transform your unorganized shoe rack into an aesthetically pleasing closet. You can stack all your favorites in one place, making them easy to access.

If you are looking to invest in footwear that is convenient to store, elevated in comfort and spectacular in design, think of Kosh-a. We hold an extensive line-up of versatile flat sandals and wedges. Checkout our collection to cherry-pick your ideal pair that would fit you like a glove.


1.How can I store a lot of shoes?

Store them strategically to make it convenient for you to access them. Sort your footwear collection based on design, color and frequency of use. Use different hacks to maximize space and declutter your footwear closet.

2. How do you organize a lot of shoes in a small space?

Don’t overlook vertical space. Use adjustable shelves to optimize storage space. Make use of compact cubicles. Opt for hanging shoe shelves or use well-mounted shoe racks. Some creative solutions could save you both time and space.

3. How do you store shoes without storage? 

Declutter and settle upon shoes that are relevant. Rotate your shoes occasionally. Make use of hooks or hangers. You can even employ some DIY solutions to keep them organized in a well-structured layout.

4. How can I organize my shoes better?

Use different types of relevant hacks to categorize your shoes and store them for easy access. Be strategic to plan the layout for maximum space. Use functional storage solutions to simplify selection and keep them well maintained, in a safe and sound condition.