3 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Footwear

3 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Footwear

repurpose your old shoes

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Shoes could be of different shapes and sizes, colors or shoe materials. But their lifecycle does not have to end in a landfill where their potential goes to waste. You can instead opt to recycle your old shoes and transform them into a brand-new pair. Brimming with freshness, they are ready to embark onto another journey with you in just a few simple steps.    

Cannot figure out a way how to put back your old shoes to use again? Don’t worry, let us help you.   

We are a slow fashion brand offering a selection of conscious footwear that are contemporary in design and comfortable to stride. Our attempt to uncover the perfect solution has resulted in multiple possibilities that could be explored to prolong your shoes’ life span.   

Giving your shoes a second chance is a gratifying process that you should definitely consider to experience. You can reuse them in so many innovative ways. This will eventually lead you to take a step towards building an eco-conscious future by employing sustainable practices.     

Let us dive right in how you can repurpose your old pair of footwear and breathe a new life into them. 


1. Upcycle your shoes with DIY tools 

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Shoes are not just a pair of functional items. Each type of footwear is unique with respect to its curated design. You could give your shoes a complete makeover. Paint them in patterns like gypsies or even florals. Unleash your creative side to let your imagination run wild.  

Bring the artist alive in you by opting for innovative DIY techniques to add a unique touch to your shoes. Reinvent your footwear into a completely new pair with a dash of oomph. Splash your imagination on the canvas.  

There are endless possibilities to transition your pair of shoes from old to spanking new. It is up to you on how you get creative with your choices. 

2. Repair and resale your shoes 

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Instead of discarding your torn-out shoes or a pair of broken heels, go get them fixed. Visit a cobbler or a shoe repair shop in your vicinity. Get them repaired to see what can be done. Be it about a loose sole or torn-out straps. Those are just minor issues which can be fixed to look like a new pair. Repair them to give them a second chance.  

Once sorted, they could either continue to be of use to you or find a new home through online resale platforms. There are many verified resale portals for shoes available online. You can list them up there and earn a nice sum of money in exchange.  

Make a conscious decision. Opt for repair and resale over replacement to contribute towards reducing waste and conserving our resources. This will eventually make a positive impact on our environment. 

3. Donate your shoes to charity 

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What could be a better idea than to repurpose your old shoes by donating them to a charity or shoe banks? If they no longer serve you, just give them away. Pass on your shoes to the ones who are in need. Donate them instead of saving them for literally going nowhere.  

It will help you to reduce storage space and also save you time from choosing what to wear when. Donating your shoes to charity or shoe banks will help declutter your shoe rack from a pile of unnecessary footwear. We are talking shoes that are just hanging on the edge of a cliff, unnoticed and unused. 

There are various such organizations who accept gently worn shoes to pass them on to people who are in need of those. Be it about donating your heels you have only worn once or letting go of your flat sandals that no longer serve you. Reach out to a charity or shoe banks to help someone and do a good deed. 

So now it is all up to you folks. Stop pondering upon could be done with your old shoes and instead start exploring the ocean of possibilities of how you can reinvent the idea of wearing them again. Embrace sustainability by giving your shoes a new opportunity to shine in the spotlight. By doing so, you will also inspire others to follow suit.  

Opt from the many possible ways we have listed above to reuse and recycle your footwear. It could be about transforming your old white trainers into a totally new pair of street-smart casuals. Or getting your torn-out climbing shoes fixed to go back to hiking the next morning.  

Make choices that are sustainable in nature. Instead of having your shoes discarded on a dumping ground, opt for a solution to instead save our environment. With the help of this blog post, we are certain that you will figure out a way that would work best for you. 



Are shoes easy to recycle? 

If you are willing to bring a change, then yes. There are plenty of options by which you can recycle your shoes. Consider donating them to a charity. Or else, upcycle them. Unleash your creativity to transform them into a new pair. You can also choose to sell them on resale platforms. Recycling your shoes is worth a chance. 

How do you recycle shoe boxes? 

First remove any sort of tape or labelling. Then flatten your shoe boxes to maximize space. Ensure that they are dry, clean and moist-free. Then place them in your curbside recycling bin which is designated specifically for products that are made of cardboard or paper. This will also contribute to waste management. 

What are the benefits of recycling shoes? 

It will help you to rescue your shoes that would otherwise end up in a dumping ground. Recycling is an attempt to reduce waste. It is an eco-friendly practice to save our environment. Plus, giving your shoe a second chance extends their durability. You can choose to either keep them or give them away to a charity or shoe banks.